£5 App at Brunswick Square

Well yesterday we actually went and looked at the venue for the £5 App meet. Lovely regency era house that's being slowly renovated. Should prove to be an interesting place - just hope it's not too chilly on the night.

In terms of presenting my talk on chrss I've been investigating the actual tech I'll need. Not having powerpoint and running a mac has led me to the following:

  • S5 for the presentation/powerpoint alternative
  • Shiira for displaying the S5 presentation in true full-screen

S5 has the advantage of being "based entirely on XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript", so nothing new to learn there. Plus I can then easily have the slides online later.

Shiira is a Webkit based browser for OS X that I'm only really using for the full-screen functionality. As it's basically using the same rendering engine as Safari it seems to work very well with S5.

Think I'll be keeping the presentation fairly short. In general I'll just touch on the overall idea behind chrss, then an overview and highlights of the underlying tech. I'll probably tack on a "what next..." slide to discuss some of the features I might add later. That should bring it up to a reasonable duration, without getting bogged down in detail.