Me and an open house

Well last night and today saw me performing a similar feat as last saturday, except I was wielding pencils, inks, gouache and brushes this time around. I'm part of an open house for the fringe festival in May and given it's April tomorrow I thought I'd best get working. There are a few previous pieces I'll use, but I felt I needed to get some more up-to-date work out there.

I have still been managing to do some drawing over the past two years, but it's mainly been limited to birthday cards and presents. Whereas during my MSc I managed to get quite a bit done. So being involved in an open house is a good motivation to get drawing.

Firstly, I finished off one illustration I'd been working on. I mainly tweaked the line work last night. (Some of the leaves are painted in gold, which doesn't show up too well on a scan...)


Yesterday I started on my first proper gouache painting and finished it off today. It's of Richard Feynman whom I've always had an admiration for (mainly from reading about his antics during the Manhatten Project). Quite happy with how it turned out - it is really only a copy of a photo, but it's nice to just concentrate on the paint for a bit. (credit to Shardcore for some of the inspiration behind painting Feynman)


Next we have a collection of monster illustrations. Been doing similar ones for birthday cards and they always turned out pretty well.

monsterhat.jpg monstershake.jpg monstertea.jpg monstertrampoline.jpg

I'd like to get quite a good collection of pictures finished, so I have plenty to choose from for the final showing. Given there's only a few weeks to go I've not got too much time, but at least now I've made a proper start.