chrss update 12

After re-theming this blog and a couple of comments about the graphics I decided it was time to re-theme chrss. I'd been meaning to do it for some time, as I'd never been too happy with the look before. However after it was pointed out that viewing the black pieces on a dark background was sometimes tricky I thought I'd best get to it.

So now the whole thing is a bit lighter and hopefully nicer to look at. I've also tidied up the "captured pieces". No longer are they displayed as several different images with text saying how many are taken. Instead now they appear as a single sparkline image, which saves visual space and looks nicer. Anyway, they look a little something like this:

A textual description of the pieces captured is then available by hovering over the image.

Sure there will be a few minor tweaks to the CSS needed still, but seems to look ok so far.