chrss (chess by rss) update 20

  • Updated the user registration process, so hopefully it's a bit friendlier
  • Users now have a chance to resend their activation email if they have trouble activating their account
  • Tweaked filters for games on user's page:
    • "active" - games that it's your turn in or have had a move in the last 30 days
    • "waiting" - un-finished games that aren't active
    • "finished"
    • "all"

Also improved the code coverage some more.

On a side note there is a preliminary mobile version of chrss available now. However I wouldn't recommend it for regular use, as making a move currently involves a _huge_ drop down menu. Less than ideal. Still it can be handy for checking whether anyone has move. I've got some plans on improving the usability in the future, so check back later to see how it's doing.