Python Meet and 5K app reminder

The next Brighton and Hove Python User Meet will be the 18th of February 2009 at the [STRIKEOUT:Hampton Arms] Farm Tavern. As per usual we'll be sharing the venue with the Farm. Now that there's a google group setup for these meets they might happen a bit more often, as Ian and I will no longer be the limiting factor!

A quick reminder too that the next £5app meet is now only a few weeks away on the 3rd of March. Jeremy Keith will be talking about Huffduffer (which I've been using a lot for getting great podcasts for the walk home after work) and we'll be running the 5K app competition. The deadline for the 5K app is the Friday before the event (27th Feb), so there's just under three weeks left to get something written.

If anyone wants to chat about the 5K app they're welcome to pop along to the Python User Meet too. I'm more than happy to spend some time helping people get their code under the 5K budget.