Two Months of Felt Creations

It's been a busy two months for me. I'll soon be getting married and there's been quite a lot to do. A while back I finished the invites for the wedding (which involved hand-stamped wrapping paper):

Wedding Invites

From there I moved on to creating a pair of robins to sit on top of the wedding cake:

Finished Robin Cake Toppers Robins One finished, one robin nearly finished

The robins are made out of felt and stuffed using bits of cut-up cotton sheet (as that was all I had to hand at the time - hence also the green cotton). The legs are simply silver wire stitched into place inside, with the red-breast covering up the extra stitches needed. The eyes are just small black beads (from Beads Unlimited in Brighton, as was the silver wire).

I felt they turned out really well, so seeing as they didn't take too long (a couple of hours each) we decided it'd be nice to make more felt creatures (following an autumn theme) for table centrepieces. Initially we planned on one creature per table, then two and so with some extra help from my bride-to-be we ended up with twenty eight felt hedgehogs:

Hedgehogs with conkers Hedgehogs boxed and waiting Hedgehogs in production Felt Hedgehog in progress

Again the hedgehogs were made of felt. This time they were stuffed with wadding which made things easier. The spines were glued on as "fringed" bits of felt, with a special widows-peak shaped piece for the head. This time the eyes and nose were just small bits of black felt, glued in place - so as to be marginally more child-friendly. Each hedgehog body consists of three pieces of felt - two sides and a smaller bottom piece. The bottom piece makes them stand fairly levelly and also gives them a more rounded look.

Somewhere during this time I've also had several friends children's first birthdays to contend with. So seeing as I was in a felt creature production mood I turned my hand to three felt toys:

Finished Felt Max (from Where the wild things are) Felt Spaceman Purple Felt Monster

I realised the other day that all thirty three of these were made during a roughly two month period - meaning one felt creation every two days! Not a bad rate of productivity I guess.