Introducing chrss: chess by rss

Over Christmas and evenings in January I've been working on a side project: chrss.

chrss logo

It's a correspondence chess web application. There are plenty of options for playing chess online (whether in realtime or via correspondence), but I felt the urge to "roll my own". This was a large part due to me wanting a small project to use Turbogears with and this fitted the bill perfectly.

Development was also further spurred on by starting to play chess again with my friend Ian.

Currently it's fairly minimal, but functionally complete. You can create user accounts (which was pretty easy to implement using identity management in Turbogears), create new games, invite other people to join a game and play games. To top it all off you can then subscribe to a game's moves via rss, so you don't have to constantly check the site to see if someone has moved.

Hopefully I'll add new features as I go. There's a few I've got in mind already, which should be quite nice. First though I need to make sure that everything so far is working properly (there are a few little niggles that occurred from running chrss from "chrss/" rather than "/" , which I didn't notice when developing).