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A Little Sparql

By john

Quite often I'll get distracted with an idea/piece of technology and mull it over for quite some time. Most of the time I play through these ideas in my head and don't do anything with them. It's often just an exercise in learning and understanding. I'll read up on …

Blinking Halloween Spider Eyes Hats using PICAXE 08m chips

By john

For some reason I got seized by the idea of creating some electronics for our Halloween costumes this year. In previous years I have gone as far as dying my hair green for Halloween, but that is just an evening's work. This year we were having a more sedate affair …

Programming a Picaxe 08m chip

By john

After I got my Arduino I felt the urge to brush up on my general electronics knowledge. The last time I'd really played with any circuits was back in about 1994 when I was studying my Technology GCSE - which now is quite a long time ago. So I picked up …

Kite Physics

By john

I've finally managed to finish the Kite Physics Demo I started back in October:

It's more of a plaything than anything else. It did give me a chance to try out writing some physics code again, something I don't get much of a chance to do …

By john

During software development it's key to minimize the time between editing code and seeing the results of a change. During web-development the constant tweaking of CSS/HTML/Javascript etc means you're always reloading the browser to see changes.

At work I do a lot of Java web development, which normally …