Chrss update 3

Just done:

  • user account creation now does email validation (more useful for myself)
  • ordering rss entries in date order (as some rss readers seem to display entries in the order the entries appear in the file), to ensure most recent moves appear first


  • move confirmation (probably just with javascript), to avoid accidental moves
  • ability to resign/concede and draw games
  • check for stalemate
  • rss notification of user joining games (and other such events)

Overall development on chrss is still going well. I'd classify it as being in "alpha", but that's more to do with it missing a few features than it being riddled with bugs (well at least I hope so). Once the features listed above are finished I can probably consider it as being in "beta" and the I'll move it over to an easier to remember domain (which I acquired yesterday).