chrss (chess by rss) update 17

This update adds two features:

  • you can now offer a draw to an opponent
  • comments are now included in rss feeds for games and users

The first new feature was needed so I could finish this game. A bit like when I had to add the ability to resign a game. That's probably the last major missing feature added. I could add code for detecting threefold repetition or the fifty move rule, but that seemed overkill for what I have in mind for chrss. After all it's meant to be for playing friendly games of correspondence chess - so agreeing whether to draw a game should not be a problem.

I also figured that adding comments to the rss feeds might be nice. With a game like chess, moves can be few and far between, so making the rss feeds a bit more active might be quite good. It also means you can nudge your opponent - as leaving a comment will show up in their feed reader and might well serve to remind them it's their turn to play!

I've still got PGN in mind for my next feature. I imagine I'll need to spend a bit of time to make sure that the exported PGN files will work with other chess programs.