£5app - Things we built this summer

Just a quick reminder that it's the next £5app this Tuesday. We've got quite a full line-up and we could have had more - it looks like people have been very busy this summer:

  • Ian on hacking a receipt printer with an Arduino
  • Shardcore on the geekery behind his enlightenment machine
  • Jon on an either digestly (or another app he's been working on)
  • Emily on her iPhone app "Who's There?"
  • Kyran with some Javascript visualisation demos using webgl
  • Mike with Tardis Bank: on-line pocket money banking for kids
  • Seb on how to be a gameshow host - making Flashy Fortunes with AIR Wiimotes and iPad
  • Jay on predicting the UK's General Election with Twitter

I'll be talking about my ultimate Arduino doorbell. It'll be a short talk, but I hope to bring along the doorbell to demo. I've made sure to add a test mode so that I can trigger the bell without needing the the button too (don't really fancy having to unscrew the button from the door frame).

Don't forget to signup on upcoming and/or lanyrd if you are going.