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MASS portrait progress

By john

After feeling somewhat intimidated by the blank canvas I made a start on my portrait for MASS on Sunday. Going fairly well so far:


The sketch you can see if my very rough idea of what I'm aiming for, but is very much a guideline and the final version will …

Blank Canvas

By john

Finally started my piece for MASS today:


Picked up the canvas yesterday and realised quite how much work there is to do. Glad I've only agreed to paint one portrait, though if things go well I might just have time to do another. Think this is basically the largest piece …

chrss (chess by rss) update 22

By john

Another update for chrss. No major changes to the chess part itself, but I've just added a blog so I've got a dedicated place to discuss chrss.

This marks the start of me adding some actual "content" to chrss. Up until now chrss (as a site) has basically consisted of …

chrss (chess by rss) update 21

By john

Another update to chrss.

  • tweaked front page layout to make it clearer and show different options depending on if you are logged in or not
  • addition of a help section (with backend CMS for myself to add content to it).

At the moment the help section is not directly linked …