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£5 App at Brunswick Square

By john

Well yesterday we actually went and looked at the venue for the £5 App meet. Lovely regency era house that's being slowly renovated. Should prove to be an interesting place - just hope it's not too chilly on the night.

In terms of presenting my talk on chrss I've been investigating …

Longer logins

By john

Just tweaked some settings, so logins to chrss shouldn't expire for a couple of days - instead of after twenty minutes. It was getting annoying having to log in all the time...

Class of the day: ConcurrentHashMap

By john

Well today at work involved me using ConcurrentHashMap and in particular putIfAbsent to severely reduce the need for old-school synchronized blocks.

Just a shame that you can't pass in arbitrary expressions/blocks that will only be evaluated if the value isn't present when you call putIfAbsent. Might become feasible if …

Chrss update 5

By john

Another minor update to chrss. Changes:

  • captured pieces are displayed in a summary next to the user's name
  • rounded corners (thanks to MochiKit)

Other than that my losing streak continues. That game contained a move I immediately saw as being wrong after I did it, so I think one of …

Chrss update 3

By john

Just done:

  • user account creation now does email validation (more useful for myself)
  • ordering rss entries in date order (as some rss readers seem to display entries in the order the entries appear in the file), to ensure most recent moves appear first


  • move confirmation (probably just with javascript …