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How to sew a felt horse

By john

I've clearly picked up the making felt toys bug. For Christmas this year I ended up making a pair of felt horses for two of my cousin's children:

A pair of felt horses

I thought I'd have a go at writing up the instructions for how I did this - complete with template for making your …

Two Months of Felt Creations

By john

It's been a busy two months for me. I'll soon be getting married and there's been quite a lot to do. A while back I finished the invites for the wedding (which involved hand-stamped wrapping paper):

Wedding Invites

From there I moved on to creating a pair of robins to sit on …

Django simple admin ImageField thumbnail

By john

The Django admin site is one of the best features of Django. It really lets you just get on with building your app, without having to worry too much about how you'll administer your site.

The defaults are generally pretty good, but it's often the case that you'll want to …

Introducing NoteComb

By john

I've been writing an application for my other half in recent months to help her organise observations of the children in her class. I've actually written two versions of the app. The first was dubbed "Observertron" and in retrospect was overly complex. After a bit of thought I was able …