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chrss update 10

By john
  • lots of pagination
  • can now browse moves and comments for all games
  • added link to user's rss feed to the side bar when logged in

Also had a heart stopping moment when the changes for pagination weren't working, until I found out the the paginate decorator in Turbogears doesn't like …

3rd £5 App Meet

By john

Details of the 3rd £5 App Meet are on upcoming here. It's on Tuesday 12th of June and will feature Dan Glegg talking about Tails, followed by "pitch a £5 app".

chrss update 9

By john

Updated chrss yesterday:

  • "open" games (an opponent needs no invitation needed to join)
  • commenting on moves (for that extra bit of social interaction)

Tackling the travelling salesman problem: hill-climbing

By john

This is the second part in my series on the "travelling salesman problem" (TSP). Part one covered defining the TSP and utility code that will be used for the various optimisation algorithms I shall discuss.

solution landscapes

A common way to visualise searching for solutions in an optimisation problem, such …

post 2nd £5 App

By john

IMG_4387 IMG_4389

Last night was the 2nd of Ian and my £5 App Meet. Thanks to Alan and Raj for talking. Both talks were very enjoyable. Good work guys!

We tried out our job/announce board and had a few takers. We'll get to transcribing some of the postings later.

I was …

Private View

By john


We had the open house's private view on Wednesday. I've got a few pictures online here. They are a bit haphazard. Think I need to get a better camera...

Open House at Kingscliffe Court

By john

Finally finished framing my drawings for the open house:


Also the Artists Open Houses website has now been updated, so details for our open house can be seen here. "Made in littlespikeyland" being my part. It's open every Saturday in May for those who are interested.

chrss update 8

By john

Nearly a month since the last update, but there's a few new things:

  • user niceties such as being able to change your password and resetting forgotten passwords
  • user rss feeds now filter out that user's own moves (so you no longer get notification after you've just moved - only when your …