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Second game. End game

By john


Well game #2 is in the end game now. It's been really good playing against Kennon. Must say that I'm not faring terribly well, but it's not over yet...

Chrss update 2

By john

Updates to chrss:

  • now setting guid for moves in the rss feed (so the entries can be told apart, even though they point to the same url)
  • when you sign up you should no longer get redirected back to the sign up page after you first log in
  • if you …

Chrss bug fixes

By john

First few minor bug fixes for chrss. Fixes:

  • Now using absolute URLs in the rss feed. The feed also now validates at
  • Corrected redirection issues, due to not running chrss off the base of the site

Still to be fixed:

  • After creating an account and …

Introducing chrss: chess by rss

By john

Over Christmas and evenings in January I've been working on a side project: chrss.

chrss logo

It's a correspondence chess web application. There are plenty of options for playing chess online (whether in realtime or via correspondence), but I felt the urge to "roll my own". This was a large part due …